Battery 510 CC Joyetech

Battery 510 CC Joyetech

Battery 510 CC Joyetech, 280 mAh.

Authentic product certified

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Suggested retail price: 11-15 uro

To recharge, connect the USB cable to stretch the underside of the battery Joye510CC then plug the USB to AC adapter or other power


source such as a computer. You can vapoter same time.

1.-protect switch functions as a lock / unlock making safer and easier to use, this prevents a battery discharge when not in use.


2 The longest battery body and a higher power load you bring real comfort to users.


3 This battery is a high quality product, including a constant output voltage of 3.3 V as well as protection against short-circuit, over-use,


the voltage drop and ensures continuous operation of the atomizer.

  • Poids 23g

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