Battery Spinner 2 1650mah - Vision

Battery Spinner 2 1650mah - Vision


Suggested retail price: 28-35 €uros

The eGo Vision Spinner 2 1650mAh battery is a variable voltage (3.3V to 4.8V)


Battery Vision Spinner 2 recharges exclusively with Kangertech charger for a reason filtage


Average charging time: 5-6 hours. When the battery is charging the switch stays on, it turns off only when the battery is fully


charged, do not remove it before then.

The switch changes color depending on the remaining battery life: white (between 100 and 60%), blue (60 to 30%) and red (less than



manual Switch


Locking possible: Vision Spinner II battery is locked in quickly 5 times successively pressing the button and unlocked in the same


way. Remember to lock your battery when not in use.

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