Pro Vaporizer - Focusvape

Pro Vaporizer - Focusvape

Pro Vaporizer - Focusvape

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The new Focusvape Pro: now with clear OLED display & infinitely variable temperature setting between 80 ° C - 240 ° C!
The new Focusvape Pro is the absolute world-novelty: stepless temperature regulation, a sealed air channel separated from the electronics, an airflow control system, a ceramic heating chamber, replaceable battery and a vibration system speak a clear language and are only some of the features of this new Vaporizers.
Stylish design and high-quality workmanship
The Focusvape Pro has been designed to meet even the most demanding requirements. On senseless accents, which only improve the appearance, but have no further benefit, was consciously dispensed with, so the Focusvape Pro and slim and portable remains.
The installed materials aluminum, ceramics and borosilicate glass are very high quality. Equally high-quality is the entire processing. You can feel it, see it and taste it.
Ceramic heating system
The Focusvape Pro has a heating chamber made of medically safe ceramic. This ensures pure steam and pure taste.
The specially costly thin wall of the ceramic heating chamber allows an ultra-fast heating of only 30 seconds. So you do not have to wait forever until you can use the Focusvape Pro, but starts after a short time. All temperatures are reached in record speed.
Stepless temperature setting & OLED display
The Focusvape Pro has a new and flexible temperature control system, which offers a continuous temperature setting between 80 ° C and 240 ° C. The clear OLED display is also clearly visible in the sunshine and shows the current and set temperature as well as the battery status.
Airflow control system
With the 3 airflow holes, the Focusvape Pro enables the regulation of the air supply. A feature that many vaporizer users want and what is now finally realized in the Focusvape Pro.
Sealed air duct
Another important feature of the Focusvape Pro is the air channel, which is separated from the electronics. This will allow you to breathe only the air sucked through the 3-draft holes - without the risk of electric smog or the like. An absolutely pure evaporation experience with the Focusvape Pro!
Vibration system
The Focusvape Pro not only shows you when the set temperature has been reached and you can start with the evaporation. It also signals it by vibration. So you always remember when the device is ready. This prevents the material from evaporating without you inhale. Save your money!
Replaceable battery with high capacity (3200 mAh)
The standard battery is already very persistent. A rechargeable battery, however, is an important feature of the Focusvape Pro, in order to be flexible at all times. The exchangeable and commercially available battery (18650 standard) is also much cheaper in the purchase than the batteries of other vaporizers. The battery can be changed constantly and everywhere.
Mouthpiece made of resistant borosilicate glass
Because plastic mouthpieces often falsify the taste, a mouthpiece of borosilicate glass was given to the Focusvape Pro.
USB cable
That should be the standard! The user can decide how to recharge the battery: via USB cable or via an external charger.
The Focusvape Pro is a great and flexible vaporizer for thick steam clouds. The many features were in their totality in yet another vaporizer. This vaporizer has been designed to meet the high demands of professionals. The Focusvape Pro achieves this with flying colors! We are convinced of the Focusvape Pro and can recommend it without hesitation.

Novel and classy designed vaporizer with many great and some new features
Ultra-fast ceramic heating system
Short heating time of only approx. 30 seconds
Stepless temperature setting between 80 ° C - 240 ° C
Airflow system: regulate the air supply yourself!
Sealed air duct
Vibration system
Glass mouthpiece
Rechargeable via external charger or USB cable
Elegant gift wrapping in white (outside) and green (inside)

Delivered with:

  • 1 x FocusVape Pro Vaporizer - Color: Black in gift packaging - latest version
  • 1 x Battery 3200 mAh
  • 2 x Pyrex glass mouthpiece
  • 4 x Sieves for the mouthpiece (1x already installed)
  • 1 x Cleaning kit consisting of brush and tool
  • 1 x FocusVape Silicone Cap
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x User manual

Suggested retail price: 134 - 150€ TTC


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