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Fumytank - Fumytech

Fumytank - Fumytech

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BDC 1.0 Ohm

Suggested retail price : 25 euros


Taille: 22*72 mm
Matériel principal: Glass & Stainless Steel
Capacité: 3.8 ml
Thread: 510

  • Tank Capacity:3.8 ml 
  • Tank material: stainless steel
  • 5 Atomizer air intake holes 
  • Resistance: changeable BVC 1.1 Ω (pure cotton and Kanthal wire) . 
  • Thread : 510


Replace the cover:

Use accessories F-tool unscrewed the Tank, change the cover.

How to add liquid:

1.Turn the upside of atomizer down. Unscrew the base off atomizer.
2.Keep the tube upside down. Then add the liquid along the tube. Pay attention 
don't add liquid into the air pipe and do not overfill. Then screw the base back to 
the atomizer.
3.Turn the atomizer stand up right for a few minutes to make the cotton of coil 
absorb the liquid.

How to replace the coil:

1.Unscrew the base off the atomizer firstly.
2.Unscrew the coil off the atomizer base.
3.Screw a new coil back to the atomizer base.
4.Screw the base back to the atomizer.

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